Coffee House receives full support and encouragement

Chronicle Staff

On Monday, Nov. 22, the Prefect Council held the first Coffee House of this year. Aside from the incredible talent of everyone that performed, one thing that struck us (as well as many faculty members in attendance) was the general respect of the audience.

It was amazing how supportive and encouraging students were in cheering on their peers. The school has made it an initiative this year to improve our character as a community, evidenced by the work of the Sportsmanship and Character Education Committees.

Perhaps the most special aspect of Coffee House is that the character shown is as spontaneous as some of the acts on stage.

Many students and faculty have mentioned how touching it was to witness such widespread encouragement, so we wanted to thank and commend the entire community for cheering people on when they faltered, clapping for each performer, and helping students feel comfortable to share their talents with us all. Thank You.

—The Prefect Council