Cross-campus clinic prepares male singers for vocal program

Chronicle Staff

By Megan Ward

More than 60 male singers from both campuses gathered in the upper school choral room on Nov. 22 for the ninth annual “For Men Only” Choral Clinic.

Upper school Choral Director Rodger Guerrero, and middle school Choral Director, Nina Burtchaell, began the hour and a half program with a warm up which was “playful and took me back to my middle school days,” Chamber Singer Ben Platt ’11 said.

The group proceeded to dive right into learning and rehearsing two pieces, one of which will be accompanied by members of the Middle School Symphony Orchestra at the Middle School Winter Choral Concert tomorrow night.

“It’s really beneficial for the younger boys to see where they are going to go and to hear the changed voices of the older singers, as well as the older students remembering where they came from,” Guerrero said.

Jack Usher ’11 remembers his previous experience at the clinic.

“I remember as a seventh grader how fun it was to sing with older kids and what I looked forward to do when I got to the Upper School,” Usher said.

The combined choir held another rehearsal Monday at the middle school to prepare for the concert and participated in a teaser performance this morning.

“It’s nice to see where the future of the choral program will be,” Platt said. “We know now it is in good hands.”