Cast list announced for playwrights festival

By Michael Rothberg

The cast list for the annual Playwrights Festival 2011 was announced on Monday, Feb. 28 by performing arts teacher Chris Moore. The festival, which features original one-act plays written, directed and performed by students, is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 14 and end on Sunday, April 17.

“I’m most excited to be in a show that was written by someone I know, and today during the read through, it was different than anything I had ever experienced,” said Megan Ward ’13, who was cast in “P.S. I Love You” by Kelsey Woo ’11.

“Let’s all work together, have fun and make some terrific theater together,” Moore said in an email to the actors, directors and writers.


2011 Playwrights Festival Cast List

…Or Not To Be
By Leland Frankel
Director: David Shaughnessy

Cast: Hank Doughan, Lucas Foster, Bree Iskandar, Chloe Lister, Haley Lucitt,Noah Ross, Michael Sugerman, Guest Artist: TBA

Buried Alive
By Wyatt Kroopf
Director: Nick Lieberman

Cast: Stephen Carr, Brooke Levin


Dropped Stitches
By Daniele Wieder
Director: Briggs Hatton 

Cast: Autumn Chiklis, Nadia Dubovitsky, Solange Etessami, Lexi Fadel, Rebecca Hutman, Maddie Lear, Anna Witenberg, Elana Zeltser, Rebecca Moretti—Italian Dialect Coach


Lavatory Unrest
By Monica Sullivan 
Director: Peter Cellini 
Assistant Director: Patrick Veronne 

Cast: Leslie Dinkin, Sami Grosslight, Jackson Hudgins, Bree Iskandar, Wyatt Kroopf, Arianna Lanz, Ryan Lash, Chloe Lister, Deborah Malamud, Merissa Mann, Lizzy Pratt, Zach Scott, Morgan St. Jean


Oh No!
By Arielle Basich & Alex Valdez
Director: Isaac Laskin
Assistant Director: Natalie Markiles 

Cast: Cory Batchler, Nick Farmer, Noor Fateh, Samantha Frischling, Ryan Lash, Halle Levitt, Cathy Mayer, Griffy Simon, Michael Sugerman, Monica Sullivan, Jacob Swanson, Alex Velaise


P.S. I Love You
By Kelsey Woo  
Directors: Michele Spears & Jon Wimbish 

Graham Cairns, Sarah Carreras, Jake Chapman, Dory Graham, Sami Grosslight, Nick Healy, Nicole Hirschhorn, Josh Lappen, Jack Petok, Megan Ward, Guest Artist: TBA

Platform Nine
By Rebecca Moretti  
Director: Eli Putnam 

Cast: Steven Ring, Olivia Schiavelli


By Natalie Markiles, Anna Witenberg 
Director: Anna Romanoff 

Cast: Charlotte Gordon, Danielle Strom, Jack Usher, Hannah Zipperman

By Elana Zeltser 
Director: Haleh Kanani 

Cast: Gavin Allman, Errol Bilgin, Taylor Nunley, Kacey Wilson


The Walk To The Vet
By Cathy Mayer 
Directors: Rachel Katz, Rees Pugh 

Cast: Hannah Kaufman, Emily Khaykin, Austin Lewis, Sam Lyons, Jasmine McAllister, Mía Moore, Sarah Seo, Max Sheldon, Jamie Temko