Students assemble packages for soldiers

By Nika Madyoon

A group of six students wrote letters and assembled care packages for soldiers at an event for Operation Gratitude on Saturday, March 5. Conor Eliot ’11, a member of the Community Council who organized the event, accompanied the students along with faculty chaperone librarian Clare Lawler.

“It was really meaningful that the students got the opportunity to write letters to soldiers because it’s a means of directly thanking them for their efforts and it reminds us that every little gesture on our part can make a positive impact on their lives,” Community Council member Jessica Barzilay ’12, who organized but did not attend the event, said.

Barzilay explained that one reason she thinks working with this organization is important is that it allows students to “hear firsthand what a difference we can make” when interacting with the families of those affected by war.

Another event will be held on April 30 where students will be able to put together more packages to send overseas.