Meet the playwrights

By Michael Rothberg

The annual Playwrights Festival, which features original one-act plays written, directed and performed by students, is scheduled to begin Thursday April 14 and end Sunday April 17.

After auditions, the cast list for the festival was announced on Feb. 28 by performing arts teacher Chris Moore, and rehearsals began in early March.

“Let’s all work together, have fun and make some terrific theater together,” Moore said in an email to the actors, directors and writers.

“I’m most excited to be in a show that was written by someone I know, and today during the read through, it was different than anything I had ever experienced,” Megan Ward ’13, who was cast in “Three Little Words” by Kelsey Woo ’11 said.

The one act plays are divided into two sets. Series A features “Platform Nine,” “Lavatory Unrest,” “Step,” “A Walk to the Vet” and “Three Little Words.” Series B consists of “…Or Not to Be,” “Roommates,” “Dropped Stitches,” “Buried Alive” and “Oh No!”

Scene Monkeys, a comedy troupe of students directed by Michele Spears, will also perform for the festival.

“Since I have never acted before, the festival was a great way to get involved in theater,” cast member Leslie Dinkin ’13 of Monica Sullivan ’13’s “Lavatory Unrest” said.

Tickets are on sale now at