School hosts job fair for teacher candidates

By Keane Muraoka-Robertson and Megan Ward

Prospective teachers interviewed with potential employers last Saturday in Taper Gym at diversity fair. Cal/West Educators Placement, a firm which connects prospective teachers with independent schools in California, holds four to five “connection events” each March and April across the country.

Prospective teachers met with school administrators from about 35 independent schools in Southern California. “The process is tough for both sides, so our job is to try to make a perfect match,” Director of Operations Doritt Diamond said.

The candidates who attend these events are selected

and prescreened by Cal/West prior to the connection event.

The firm receives around 100 resumes a day and represents only about 10 percent of all applicants.

The chosen candidates from around the country are invited to attend in hopes of getting an interview with a school.

“The interview process is everyone’s worst nightmare,” Diamond said. “It’s like being at a junior high dance and not being asked to dance. We try to make it as pleasant as possible.”

These connection events take a full year of planning and are held at schools, convention centers and hotels.

Upper School deans Tamar Adegbile and Canh Oxelson were speakers.

“[Adegbile] and I were asked to open the day with a presentation about our experiences as educators in independent schools. We also hosted a lunchtime discussion about cultural diversity in independent school communities,” Oxelson said. “I spoke about how educators know if they’re making a difference in the lives of their students. [Adegbile] gave advice about how to build a career as an educator in independent schools.”