Saber team wins 1st in team tournament

By Jamie Chang and Micah Sperling

The boys’ saber varsity A team and the middle school girls’ and boys’ saber and epée teams all won first place in the team tournament on March 20 at Chaminade Middle School. The boys’ saber A team consisted of Hank Gerba ’12, Josiah Yiu ’12 and Michael Leuchter ’11.

“The varsity A team was confident entering the tournament and dominated throughout most of the tournament,” Yiu said.

During the first round, the A team tied 4-4. Yiu won the tie breaking bout 5-1 pulling the A team to a victory. In total, the A team lost six bouts out of the 18.

The boys’ epée varsity A team lost to Vista Mar by one bout and finished in fifth. The girls’ epée varsity A team played the other teams in a round robin and finished in third place. The boys’ epée varsity B teams placed in second and third.

Previously in the foil team tournament, the varsity A team lost to Chaminade in the finals to place 2nd.