Track and field breaks school, meet records at Oaks Christian, Triton Invitational

By Julius Pak

Despite starting the season with two losses, the track and field team defeated Oaks Christian March 16 and broke multiple records at the Triton Invitational Saturday.

“We’ve actually been getting a lot of personal and school record,” Lauren Hansson ’11 said. “Individually, a lot of us are working really hard and doing impressive work for this early in the season.”

After breaking her ninth school record in the 800-meter medley at Oaks Christian to help the girls’ team win 83-52, Hansson broke her tenth school record with a time of 12.53 seconds in the 100-meter at the Triton Invitational.

“Usually when I cross the finish line after setting a record I can’t really believe it,” Hansson said. “I’m mostly just bewildered after breaking records individually… [When] we work so hard and give everything we have for a relay and break a record it’s the most incredible feeling of teamwork.”

Cami Chapus ’12, no stranger to breaking records in cross country, broke the school record in the 1600-meter. Chapus also broke Triton Invitational meet records in the 1600 and the 800. She finished 7.8 seconds faster than any other in the 800-meter category. In the 1600-meter category, her record-winning time was almost fifteen seconds ahead of all others.

Hansson also took first place in the 400-meter. Madison Morency ’12 took fourth place in that event. In the 1600-meter, Yasmin Moreno ’13 and Lizzy Thomas ’14 took eighth and tenth places, respectively. Elena Crowe ’12 tied for eighth place in pole vault. The 4×800 relay team placed third.

The boys’ 1600-meter relay team edged out Los Alamitos to win by half a second. Aaron de Toledo ’12 placed third in the 1600. Drew Tuttle ’11 tied for third in high jump. Jamias Jones ’12 and Ben Saunders ’11 both took tenth in the 400 and the 800, respectively.

“[We] have been doing everything right this year,” Hansson said. “I have really big goals and I’m just trying to do everything right so I can achieve them.”