Dance inspired by real events and stories

By Emily Segal

Upper school dance classes Advanced Dance I and Advanced Dance II showcased their dances during sixth and eighth periods Tuesday.

The performances included solos, duets, trios and group dances, inspired by events in the students’ lives or stories they wanted to tell.

All of the choreography in the dances was done by the students with help from dance teachers Cynthia Winter and Katie Lowry.

The show’s free-for-all theme allowed the dancers to perform any dance they wanted.

“It’s a really nice way for us to end the year with a show where we can choreograph dances about anything,” Camelia Somers ’14 said. “It’s been a really fun year, and this is a great way to wrap it up.

The showcase was held during sixth and eighth periods because finals and APs posed a conflict for both rehearsal and performance time.

The dancers have been working on the showcase for several months, and it was their last performance of the school year.

All members of Advanced Dance I and Advanced Dance II were featured in the show.