Senior Signs with Record Company

Marcella Park

by Marcella Park

Alex Fleischman ’13 recently signed with the record label Bombeatz Music after sending in several demos of his own electronic creations and getting positive reviews.

Fleischman has been interested in electronic music since he took the class at the Middle School during his eighth grade year. He has been producing dubstep music for one year.

Before signing to Bombeatz Music, he had also worked with the label Xeno Recordings. During his time working with Bombeatz Music, Fleischman plans on releasing a few extended play recordings.

For now, as it always has been, music is a hobby for him and does not take priority.

Regardless of his success in music, Fleischman said he definitely plans on going to college.

“Being signed to a label is just a cool experience that not many other people get to have,” he said. Another of Fleischman’s hobbies is playing video games, the sounds of which have influenced some of his music.

“As long as it stays fun, I’ll keep doing it,” Fleischman said.