Student’s Instagram photo surpasses 11,000 likes

In response to the most liked picture on Instagram, Dahlia Low ’20 posted a photo of herself on @most_liked_my_face, an account she created as a joke, she said. However, Low’s picture has now received over 11 thousand likes. According to NBC News, a picture of an egg from the account @world_record_egg received 50.5 million likes, […]

Reconciling the past: Former Nazi and Holocaust survivor share their experiences during WWII

Reconciling the past: Former Nazi and Holocaust survivor share their experiences during WWII

In an effort to inspire future change, former German Nazi Ursula Martens and Holocaust survivor Erika Jacoby shared their different experiences during World War II at an all-school assembly Wednesday. Xenia Bernal ’19 hosted the speakers in partnership with the Righteous Conversations Project, a program of the non-profit organization Remember Us. Bernal said that, in […]

Students contract whooping cough

Eight students across both the middle and upper school campuses were diagnosed with pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, Community Health Officer Milo Sini said in an email Dec. 18.  The school notified only the parents of students who share classes or activities with those infected. This is the second consecutive year the highly contagious […]

Prefects implement Orange Sheet system

In order to eliminate miscommunication between students and teachers, Prefect Council implemented a new Orange Sheet system, which students will use to move a test when they have three or more on the same day, junior prefect Michael Lehrhoff ‘20 said. Prefect Council announced the new initiative in an email to the student body Nov. […]

Alumnus runs for House

Democratic House of Representatives candidate Sanjay Patel ’95 lost Florida’s 8th Congressional District election to five-term incumbent Republican Representative Bill Posey despite posing a serious challenge, according to TCPalm, a part of the USA Today network. Patel lost the election by over 20 points. Patel’s campaign focused on preserving opportunity within the country by providing […]

Former CEO Andrew Puzder encourages students to embrace capitalism

Former CEO Andrew Puzder encourages students to embrace capitalism

Andrew Puzder, the former CEO of Carl’s Jr. and former Secretary of Labor nominee for the Trump administration, encouraged students to embrace capitalism at an all-school assembly on Monday.  Puzder also presented numerous statistics, and expressed his hope for a capitalist future of America. Puzder first discussed the origins of Carl’s Jr. to emphasize the […]

New mid-year assessment schedule to be implemented

In order to allow teachers more flexibility while also alleviating students’ stress, the Scheduling Committee formulated a new plan for mid-year assessments this year, Upper School Deans Department Head Beth Slattery said. The new schedule consists of three 90-minute periods per day, with 60 or 90-minute breaks between each.  The first periods of Monday, Tuesday, […]

HW Venture holds kick-off rally to begin year

Students from both campuses participated in the HW Venture kick-off rally event, where they listened to speeches from alumni keynote speakers and Venture students Sept. 27. To begin the event, alumni Sameer Gupta ’99 offered advice to students about how to utilize HW Venture and the school community. “It doesn’t need to be this shared […]