Make it Count!

Make it Count!

Images of California residents and immigrants hard at work gleamed atop the stack of Census commitment cards that Hope Shinderman ’21 carried from door to door. Walking through her neighborhood and around school to spread the word and increase participation in the 2020 Census, Shinderman said the images served as a constant reminder of the […]

Staying Sustainable

Students and teachers comment on fast fashion, the impact it has had on the environment and ways to avoid it. As she browsed the clothing racks of the Salvation Army store, Cameron Herring ’21 searched for a piece that was both unique and trendy. The thrift store provided easy and affordable finds, which aligned with […]



Standing in her driveway at 7 a.m., Kylie Azizzadeh ’21 waited for her carpool to pick her up. She thought excitedly about her commute to school, complete with close friends, upbeat music and fulfilling conversations.“There are no disadvantages,” Azizzadeh said, “I would definitely recommend carpooling.” In an effort to combat its parking shortage, the school […]

GSA raises awareness through Rainbow Skate night

The Roy G. Biv Social Committee had their first opportunity to attend Rainbow Skate Night, a social event designed to unify the LGBTQ+ community and allies. The Moonlight Rollerway held Rainbow Night, which was dedicated to raising awareness for members of the LGBTQ+ community, allowing the attendees to interact with not only their fellow students […]

Amanda Foushee joins English department

Amanda Foushee recently joined the English Department to teach English II and Advanced Placement English Literature: Good Grief to sophomores and seniors, respectively. Previously, Foushee worked at various colleges and high schools, including the Episcopal School of Los Angeles, where she taught writing, rhetoric and composition. She said her interests in literature naturally led her […]

Student selected as Presidential Scholar

The U.S. Department of Education selected Charlie Kogen ’19 and four other Los Angeles County students as Presidential Scholars. Among the 5,200 high school seniors who qualified for the award nationwide, 161 were named Presidential Scholars. Partner organizations of the Presidential Scholars, such as YoungArts, can also nominate students for the program. Kogen said he […]

Senior raises and releases trout for research project

As part of his Advanced Placement Environmental Science research project, a Ethan Rosen ’19 released the trout he raised for his research project into Castaic Lake Thursday. “We chose to release them based on where the trout could be used to reduce the fishing burden on local populations,” Rosen said. Though AP Environmental Science classes […]

City allows vendors to sell on street

Following a unanimous vote, Los Angeles City Council decided to officially legalize street vending for 2019. The street vendors’ advocation and aid from groups such as the East Los Angeles Community Corporation finally paid off and the implementation of the law began Jan. 1, according to the Los Angeles Times. For decades now, there has […]