Un-Pak your ideas

You’d think that with a name like Pak, it would be easy to think of a pun, and yet I still haven’t figured out what my Facebook name should be. Every year, seniors embrace the tradition of changing their names on Facebook. Originally intended to hide profiles from colleges or companies, these new names range […]

Mill Valley Festival presents five films

Five student-made films were screened in the Youth Reel program at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Rafael on Oct. 6. The films were chosen out of more than 100 entries by students from all over California as well as Singapore and Kewanee, Ill. for a 90-minute program presented by the California Film Institute. […]

Crank up the volume

Examining and analyzing the popular drama, the Breaking Down “Breaking Bad” club is among the new clubs on campus this year. Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14 founded the club with Alexander Thal ’14 and Jack Goldfisher ’14 as fellow club presidents and English Teacher Isaac Laskin as their faculty sponsor. The club is based on the television […]