Crank up the volume

David Lim

Examining and analyzing the popular drama, the Breaking Down “Breaking Bad” club is among the new clubs on campus this year.

Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14 founded the club with Alexander Thal ’14 and Jack Goldfisher ’14 as fellow club presidents and English Teacher Isaac Laskin as their faculty sponsor.

The club is based on the television show “Breaking Bad” about a high school chemistry teacher who turns to producing crystal meth in order to provide for his family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Goodman-Waters and the rest of the club welcome both hardcore fans and first time viewers alike.  About 25 students attended their first meeting.

The club will generally meet on Mondays during break, but the leaders plan on inviting members to occasionally meet on weekends to watch marathons of certain episodes at school.

Because the show’s final season will not air until summer 2013, the club will watch all previous seasons of the show on DVD and complete the series thus far.

Members will be assigned to watch an episode weekly, which they will then discuss and analyze when they convene at school on Mondays.

Goodman-Waters, Thal, and Goldfisher all began watching the show last spring.

“I’m completely obsessed with it,” Thal said. “How could I not be [part of the club]?”