Barzdukas urges students to be good neighbors

Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas asked students to be good neighbors at Wednesday’s Upper School assembly, which was plagued by audio difficulties. A day after the Los Angeles Times ran an article about the school’s neighbors complaining about the plan for a parking garage, Barzdukas gave students examples of ways to be a “better […]

Award-winning biographer urges students to discover their passions

Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer A. Scott Berg implored students to follow their academic passions and act upon the knowledge they gain from these pursuits in an upper school assembly April 28. The author, whose personal life and writings on various subjects have made him capable of speaking on a wide array of topics, was this year’s […]

Fight for a cause, speaker tells Black History Month assembly

When it comes to making a mark on the world, who one chooses to fight for matters more than any transcript or diploma, author and Rhodes Scholar Wes Moore advised students and faculty Feb. 19. Moore’s speech discussed the discoveries that formed his New York Times bestselling book, “The Other Wes Moore,” at this year’s […]

Author to speak at BLACC assembly today

When Rhodes Scholar, White House Fellow and entrepreneur Wes Moore opened the newspaper one day, a familiar name jumped out at him — his own. This Wes Moore, however, was convicted of murder and would serve a life sentence without possibility of parole. Taken aback by the similar circumstances of their upbringing — both were […]

2014-2015 convocation to follow Labor Day

School will begin next fall with the second all-school opening convocation Sept. 2, the day after Labor Day. After the first-ever all-school opening convocation this year, the administration decided to begin school next year with a similar ceremony, again on the upper school campus, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. No planning for the convocation […]

Respect those who take the time to instruct you

But every assembly speaker deserves the respect we afforded Thursday’s speaker, if not more. Incredibly, there was still some talking during the story of how one man saved 1,268 people from genocide. But there was far less talking, texting, studying and sleeping in this recent assembly than there was the week before, when the president […]

Civil War expert discusses influence of slavery on the war

University of Richmond President Edward Ayers spoke to students about the emancipation of slaves and the Civil War, which he described as “two great mysteries that lie in the heart of U.S. history,” in Taper Gymnasium Oct. 30. Slavery was so economically desirable that some states were unwilling to give it up, Ayers told students. […]

Middle school teachers perform 'Les Misérables' parody

Faculty and staff at the Middle School sang and danced at an all-school assembly May 6 to celebrate one month left of the school year. Their song, “One Month More,” was a re-written variation of the Les Misérables tune “One Day More.” English teachers Steve Chae and Erin Creznic performed with deans Colby Plath and Kate […]

Former NBA player warns of danger of labeling others based on appearance

Former NBA player and openly gay performance psychologist John Amaechi asked upper school students to combat poisonous words, preconceptions and stereotypes at an all-school assembly April 10. Amaechi said that all words have impact and warned against “labels,” which he feels only reflect peoples’ appearance and demographic. He explained that others often have a hard […]

Next year's Head Prefects named without vote after candidate drops out

In an email sent to all sophomores and juniors, Prefect Council announced on Tuesday, March 19 that current junior prefects Henry Hahn ’14 and Ashley Sacks ’14 will serve as the next year’s Head Prefects after junior prefect Mazelle Etessami ’14 dropped out of the race leaving both candidates unopposed. The assembly on Wednesday where candidates would have […]