2014-2015 convocation to follow Labor Day

Noa Yadidi

School will begin next fall with the second all-school opening convocation Sept. 2, the day after Labor Day.

After the first-ever all-school opening convocation this year, the administration decided to begin school next year with a similar ceremony, again on the upper school campus, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. No planning for the convocation has begun yet, she added.

Huybrechts said that the different oaths taken by middle and upper school student council members may change to a single, unified oath.

However, Huybrechts noted that the upper school prefects would still need an additional part written in their oath to account for their Honor Board responsibilities.

When creating the calendar, the administration considers whether holidays will fall on school days and tries to refrain from starting before Labor Day, as it did this year.

“We feel that we can start after Labor Day next year because Labor Day is so early,” Executive Assistant to the President Ann-Marie Whitman said. “It’s Sept. 1, the earliest it could possibly be, so we are taking advantage of that.”

While the administration is not ready to release any further dates such as to when breaks will start and end, Huybrechts confirmed that both Easter and Passover will fall during spring break, unlike this year.

Whitman said that because no extra days off will have to be given for these holidays, it gives the school more leniency on when it can begin.

“We really just look at where holidays fall and then try to focus what makes the most sense to use our time wisely and be mindful of our families and vacation times and other kids that have to be on campus before school starts,” Whitman said.