Summer programs set new record for enrollment

The summer program this year has more students and athletes enrolled than ever before. Seven years ago the summer school program was revamped and upper school Dean Jim Patterson, took over as Director of Summer Programs. “This year already surpassed last year’s total enrollment numbers,” Patterson told students enrolled in the summer journalism class. He […]

Thanks, Dad — it's all been worth it

Dear Dad, The stories you told about my grandfather and those about how you were born a great white shark probably have something to do with my own inclination to tell stories through this newspaper. You did a good job developing my sense of wonder by dragging me around to every single science and art […]

Cardinal flying away

I never got to write a column about the St. Louis Cardinals and their run to the 2011 World Series last year. Our Editor-in-Chief, Judd Liebman ’12, told me it had no place in the Chronicle because it was only relevant to my life and not to the school. But I get a little leeway […]

Alumna marries in school chapel

By Maggie Bunzel Cinema studies and performing arts teacher Ted Walch officiated in the wedding of Claire Cochran ’06 and Kent O’Connor in St. Saviour’s Chapel on Aug. 25. Both Cochran and her older brother Adam Cochran ’04 performed in multiple drama productions that Walch directed. Walch received a license to perform weddings online at […]

Candidate Statement: Mazelle Etessami '14

1. For what position are you running? I am running for the position of Junior Prefect. 2. What makes you feel that you are qualified for the position? Please describe any leadership experiences you’ve had, if applicable. This past year I have been fortunate enough to serve as the representative for our grade on Prefect […]

Repairing honor

By David Lim Shortly after school ended on a Friday almost a month ago, my phone buzzed announcing the arrival of an email. The same message containing a 29-page Honor Board Recommendation landed simultaneously in the inboxes of all my classmates. I paid much more attention than I usually do to Honor Board recommendations. What […]

Support our community, always

Christopher Robinson came to Harvard-Westlake as a ninth grader and became ill just a few months later. He knew some of his junior classmates but not all. Yet students who had never met or interacted with Chris were moved by his death, moved to a place of sympathy, compassion and sorrow.  Students were upset when […]

What's Cracking?

By Nika Madyoon Crack. Pop. Click. Whether it’s backs, necks, fingers or wrists, sounds of joints being cracked can be heard in nearly every classroom and hallway. While some students just can’t get enough tension relief in their joints, others are put off by the sound of their classmates’ spines snapping, crackling and popping. Meghan […]

Finding my place

  By Sade Tavangarian When I was 9 years old I decided I must go to Harvard-Westlake. I did not know anything prior about the school but I remembered riding the school bus in third grade and hearing the older kids talk about how they wanted to apply because it was so “cool.” I did […]

Coffee House features student music, talents

By Chloe Lister   From pop songs played on melodicas to poetry, students at the first Coffee House event of this year on Nov. 22 were exposed to the varied artistic talents of classmates. Blended drinks, baked goods and gummy snacks adorned the tables where students sat to watch their classmates. People cycled in and […]

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