Expens-ercise: Are pricey workouts worth it?

Expens-ercise: Are pricey workouts worth it?

As Sophia Van Iderstine ’17 gets ready for her late morning exercise class on a Saturday, she laces up her sneakers, grabs a bottle of Smart Water and heads for the door holding one more item in her hands: a pair of boxing gloves. These are the essentials for her regular class at Box ‘N […]

Professional playwright holds workshop for writers

By Chloe Lister Professional playwright John Walch, nephew of Performing Arts teacher Ted Walch, had students stare at a pen and call out words beginning with each letter of the alphabet in order in a play writing workshop he taught Oct. 6 for students considering writing one-acts for the Playwrights Festival. There was just one […]

Schedule will shortchange school

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said that school will start and end one week earlier. Is the new schedule cleaner? Probably: it frontloads the schedule so that we have more teaching days for AP classes and it virtually eliminates the post-AP exams academic purgatory that leaves so many students drifting aimlessly around in May. However, […]