Stahl to teach in visual arts department

New teacher Nicole Stahl teaches ceramics, sculpture and glass classes in the visual arts department. Before becoming a teacher, she assisted artists creating their own work. Most recently Stahl was an adjunct professor at California State University, San Bernardino. She also taught public glass blowing classes to students of all ages in Cincinnati. Stahl said she […]

Art classes use new furnace

Art classes use new furnace

The arts department recently purchased a glassblowing furnace. Using the new furnace, students have the capability to shape and blow molten glass more quickly and with more ease. Previously, artists in the glass course and in Three-Dimensional Art III were forming pieces of glass and putting them in a kiln, where the glass would slump […]

Glass blower visits arts department

Glass blower and sculptor Sarah Gilbert visited the upper school campus Nov. 18 and discussed her work with glass, embroidery and photography during fifth period. Gilbert attended graduate school at Brown University for glass sculpting, and her work has been showcased in museums across the country, including the Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia. In […]