Peer Tutoring program to change, 6 head coordinators announced

Garrett Cayton ’14, Eugenie Lund-Simon ’14, Sarah Novicoff  ’14, Chelsea Pan ’14, Rayne Peerenboom ’14 and Josh Shapiro ’14  will serve as Peer Tutoring Coordinators for this year, Head of Student Affairs Jordan Church said. The six coordinators will head a program that will now incorporate more frequent group study sessions with the hope of […]

Revamp of Peer Tutoring to launch next month

A new incarnation of the Peer Tutoring program will incorporate group study sessions and allow students currently enrolled in a course to tutor that course, Head of Student Affairs Jordan Church said. When he observed Peer Tutoring sessions throughout last year, Church didn’t think they were effective. Additionally, some tutors expressed concerns that it had […]

Choosing between my education and my education

I ditched a class a few weeks ago. I simply did not attend third period, my directed study in Ancient Greek. I didn’t forget about class, I wasn’t cramming for a test, I wasn’t even at home “sick.” No, I was in Chalmers 313 along with a couple dozen other seniors, listening to the University […]

Concealed Weapons

Security guard Mark Geiger was patrolling campus one night about three and a half years ago when he discovered two thieves stealing sound and light equipment from Rugby Theatre. Geiger, who doesn’t leave campus between Sunday evening and Friday night, chased them until he lost them, and they got away with only some of the […]

Salamandra exercises body, mind with new desk

Senior alumni officer Harry Salamandra didn’t just change to a new office this year when the Alumni Office moved up the hill above the security kiosk, where former President Tom Hudnut used to work. He changed the very fundamentals of his workspace too, trading in his old office desk for a treadmill desk. “For me, […]

Outside the binary

As most teachers do on the first day of school, Spanish teacher Joaquin Fernandez-Castro began first period with a roll call. When he reached the name “Gabrielle*” ’14, however, he was corrected. He was not just pronouncing the name wrong — the name itself was wrong. Gabrielle wanted to be called Asher*. “Asher?” Fernandez-Castro said. […]

Four worldly fellows

Say you have a few thousand dollars to spend on 12 weeks of summer. If you’re not already committed to an internship, summer program or trip abroad, the money could finance three months of hard-won relaxation. After waking up luxuriously late at 11 a.m., a student might spend some of it when they head over […]

Continuing a failing tradition

As a newly minted senior, I have many traditions to savor this year. Just last week we lunched with our teachers at a senior/faculty barbecue, and next month promises ring ceremony. The distant future holds prom, and even beyond that lies senior retreat. But none of these are my favorite senior tradition. No—that honor belongs […]

Science teacher’s shirts reflect curriculum

Like years of AP Physics C classes before them, when this year’s crop of Phys C students stepped into their first class today, they were greeted by physics teacher John Feulner in his “I <3 Physics” T-shirt. His astronomy students received a similar welcome. For them, Feulner changed midway through the day into an “I […]

CBS airs tribute to Justin Carr '14

Los Angeles CBS Channel 2 aired a segment on Justin Carr ’14 Monday, Aug. 12. The segment, which aired at 11 p.m., was a tribute to Carr, who died of cardiomyopathy during swim practice in February. The piece covered Carr’s passions, which ranged from architecture to swimming, as well as his death and his parents’ […]