Where my peers became my teachers

Where my peers became my teachers

Alex hung up on me, so I called Lucas. Lucas hung up on me, so I called Kendall. “Just relax,” she said. “There’s nothing to worry about. Go to sleep.” “I’m not worried,” I said. It was Saturday afternoon of layout weekend. Our deadline was 8:30 p.m., but I wasn’t at my computer in the […]

Candidate Statement: Mazelle Etessami '14

1. For what position are you running? I am running for the position of Junior Prefect. 2. What makes you feel that you are qualified for the position? Please describe any leadership experiences you’ve had, if applicable. This past year I have been fortunate enough to serve as the representative for our grade on Prefect […]

PE requirement limits students

By Rebecca Nussbaum With seven classes, Ryan Lash ’12 faces a full course load, and instead of having a lunch period, she must take yoga to complete her physical education requirement. “I go to Cardio Barre every weekend,” she said. “I think a lot of people do things outside of school that they don’t get […]

Coffee House receives full support and encouragement

On Monday, Nov. 22, the Prefect Council held the first Coffee House of this year. Aside from the incredible talent of everyone that performed, one thing that struck us (as well as many faculty members in attendance) was the general respect of the audience. It was amazing how supportive and encouraging students were in cheering […]

National organization names Thill Teacher of the Future

By Jordan Freisleben Math teacher Bill Thill was named one of 20 Teachers of the Future by the National Association of Independent Schools. The Teachers of the Future program was established in 2007 to honor teachers who “shared their expertise in teaching through technology” and employed “creative ways of teaching,” according to the NAIS website. […]

Student body revealed

By Emily Friedman and Faire Davidson Assistant to Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken keeps a box of shirts in a cabinet beside her desk. These shirts, mostly extra Peer Support shirts, are used once or twice a year when a student is cited for violating the dress code. Sometimes students who have felt uncomfortable […]

Prefect Statement: Reid Lidow

Reid Lidow Why do you think you should be Head Prefect? I am running for Head Prefect because I enjoy being involved in Student Government. There are many ideas and goals I have yet to examine and execute as a member of the Prefect Council, but most importantly, I value and enjoy this privilege that […]

Prefect Statement: A.J. Sugarman

A.J. Sugarman Why do you think you should be Head Prefect? I should be Head Prefect because I can ably and convincingly represent the needs of the students before the administration. I not only understand the needs and wants of my peers but can also convince the administration to listen to them. I am up […]

KABC features senior as "Cool Kid of the Week"

By Michelle Yousefzadeh Allison Lerner ’09 was featured as KABC’s “Cool Kid of the Week” for working with and teaching her peers about the environment. Lerner wrote a children’s book, “The Green Street Kids: The Earth Warriors,” which was published in September. She has read the book to kids at her elementary school, Valley Beth […]

Students, Faculty can nominate candidates for Head Prefect

By Julie Barzilay Sophomores, juniors and faculty members can nominate juniors to run for the position of Head Prefect by filling out a form at the table outside of Chalmers all day this Tuesday and Wednesday. Previously, students who wanted to run simply picked up an election packet and completed the necessary steps, including speaking […]