Feulner to leave science department

After 37 years at the school, physics teacher John Feulner will retire to the Pennsylvania countryside. In addition to teaching physics, during his time at the school, Feulner has been Chair of the Building Committee, Head of the Science Department and a middle school science teacher. “I had no idea when I took the job […]

The Universal Language of Science

The Universal Language of Science

I was failing English. My five-year-old self (excuse me, my five-and-a-half-year-old self) had guessed as much as I watched my grumpy, frail kindergarten teacher pull my mother aside that chilly spring day. As my eyes darted from word to unrecognizable word on the board before me, the assistant teacher’s face growing more and more disappointed […]

Rocket launched with student experiment onboard

SpaceX launched a rocket Feb. 19 containing an experiment in paper chromatography that Samuel Buckley-Bonanno ’19 designed. The experiment tests the effect that gravity has on chromatography and how the outcome differs between Earth and space. Buckley-Bonanno explained that in his experiment, he puts one side of a piece of paper with a sample of […]

Science department changes chemistry course

Science department changes chemistry course

Chemistry students will learn from an entirely redesigned curriculum, which includes less content and more homework and labs, beginning this year. Chemistry team leader Narae Park, Head of the Science Department Larry Axelrod and science teacher Heather Audesirk developed the new course materials during the summer. The chemistry team decided to alter the course last […]

Students, faculty pay tribute to science teacher

Students, faculty pay tribute to science teacher

Members of the school community paid tribute to science teacher Jim Brink on the anniversary of his death, Nov. 12, by writing letters and messages to his family. “The unfortunate passing of Mr. Brink was a profound, shaping moment for our community,” Prefect Council said in an email. “We all still feel the effects of […]

Chelsea Stewart: Science

Chelsea Stewart will join the upper school science department and teach chemistry this year after instructing Pharmaceutical Biochemistry to graduate students at the University of California, San Diego. Stewart was also the head tutor at Reality Changers, a program that assists students with homework and introduces first-generation college students to prospective careers. Stewart earned her […]

7th annual STEMfest features apps, social research, free food

Nitrogen-infused ice cream, smartphone apps, robotic presentations, statistical research projects and free tacos were highlights of the seventh annual STEMfest held on the quad during a special activities period May 20. Many of the projects, from various math and science classes and clubs, relied on surveys sent to students that asked about social activities, music […]

Students observe partial solar eclipse

The Astronomy Club, science teacher John Feulner’s 7th period physics class, and other students observed the partial solar eclipse on October 23. Some students brought their own telescopes, and others used those provided by Feulner. The eclipse peaked at 2:45 p.m., Feulner said. Students were cautioned not to look directly at the sun because the […]

Siemens honors seniors as finalists in challenge

Irene Kao ’14 and Henry Jiang ’14 were selected as finalists for the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge March 30. The competition encourages student teams to identify an environmental issue that has a global impact and to provide a viable, replicable solution, according to its website. For their project, Kao and Jiang generated electrical currents […]

Students to display research, new technology at STEMfest event

A special assembly schedule for STEMfest May 21 will allow upper school students and faculty time to view a variety of research by students, such as an Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (a drone), a Quadcopter (a helicopter powered by four rotors), hovercraft, video games, a mood-meter and multiple iPhone and Android apps. At STEMfest, students will […]