Deans revoke parking passes after students drive in center lane

Security guards revoked parking passes from about 20 students Thursday who were driving in the center left turn lane on Coldwater Canyon for more than 200 feet. Drivers can legally drive in center lanes for no more than 200 feet, according to the California DMV Handbook. The punishments varied between students and deans, since deans […]

Annual Giving reaches a record $7.7 million

Parents, alumni, faculty and staff donated a record of $7.7 million to Annual Giving last year, the most for an independent day school in the country, according to Head of External Relations Ed Hu. Faculty and staff had 100 percent participation. Ninety-three percent of parents participated, along with 22 percent of alumni.  

Grass replaces trailers, history offices renovated

Two trailers outside Rugby Hall were removed during the summer because of “a desire to return green space to the general community,” Vice President John Amato said. Teachers and students used the trailers as classrooms during the library renovations four years ago, and they remained in place after the construction was completed in 2012. The […]

Admissions gains international interest

Forty-six students from international schools applied this year, an increase over last year when 36 students applied. Five students from foreign countries enrolled. There are four students from the United Kingdom and one from Switzerland enrolled. Last year, nine students from foreign schools enrolled, four from the United Kingdom, two from China, one from Korea, […]

Leave some room for error

Leave some room for error

Time and time again failure is seen as an essential stepping-stone for success. So I find it strange that we have such a high expectation for success and scarcely any room for failure. Providing a more stable safety net for students could help lessen stress this year. I really started to wonder about this when […]

Students to perform 'The Glass Menagerie'

Students from the Actor and the Stage classes will perform “The Glass Menagerie” in the Drama Lab Monday at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free, and the performance will be about two hours and 15 minutes. Refreshments will also be served during intermission. “The students have worked hard on this play all semester, and we would […]

Cárdenas to replace Adegbile as dean

Celso Cárdenas will replace Dean Tamar Adegbile next year, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said in an email to parents today. Cárdenas was previously the Associate Director of College Counseling at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago. He will take over as dean for Adegbile’s current sophomores and juniors as well as next year’s incoming sophomores. […]

Concerns arise on trip to Death Valley

Concerns that some students were using illegal substances marred the March 14-16 geology trip to Death Valley, geology teacher and trip chaperone Wendy Van Norden said. Van Norden noticed that “some students were acting unusually lethargic,” but she originally assumed it was due to Death Valley’s heat. Van Norden told some of the lethargic students […]

New director of public affairs to reach out to neighbors

Stacy Marble has been named the director of community and public affairs, a new position created to “make sure that Harvard-Westlake is engaged with the social fabric of Studio City,” she said. Marble grew up in the San Fernando Valley and attended Grant High School. She graduated from Northwestern University and worked for 14 years […]

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