2021 Student awards announced

James Hess

Valedictorian –– Katarina Cheng ’21 


Salutatorian –– Navid Ghodsi ’21 


Bishop’s medal and Veritas Award –– Chelsea Cho ’21, Jonathan Cosgrove ’21 and Felicity Phelan ’21

Given to three seniors who most fully embody the ideals and aspirations of the school. 


Lester Medvene Award –– Simon Lee ’23 

Awarded to a sophomore who contributes to the life of the school and embodies Lester Medvene’s “curiosity of mind and dedication of spirit.”


Morris Michael Landres Award –– Staff Writer Fallon Dern ’23 

Recognizes a sophomore who has demonstrated “consistent effort, dedication and promise” through their work on a school publication.


Tamkin Community Service Award –– Hope Shinderman ’21, Lyon Chung ’21 and Helen Graham ’21 

Given to a senior who has given their time to serving the community, both on and off campus and both independently and with others.


Brendan Kutler ’10 “Two Hats” Award –– Rachel Mugemancuro ’22 

Awarded to a junior who pursues intellectual experiences outside the classroom, takes risks to pursue their interests and demonstrates kindness towards peers and adults inside and outside the classroom.


Jerry Margolis Jazz Award –– Brandon Liang ’21 

Named in honor of performing arts teacher Jerry Margolis, who taught for 36 years beginning at the Harvard School for Boys, to a student who contributed to the jazz program during their time at the school.


Frederick Douglass Diversity Award –– Mohona Ganguly ’21

Recognizes a senior for their focus on their own culture or others based on ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation in a creative, courageous and compassionate way through art, activism or outreach.


Cuscaden Blackwood Medal –– Shanti Hinkin ’22  

Given to a member of the junior class for their outstanding contributions to the school environment and spirit. The recipient is nominated and selected by senior class officers and faculty members.


Lamar Trotti Jr. ’50 Award –– Eli Nickoll ’21 

Given to a senior, in memory of Lamar Trotti Jr. ’50, who made the most dramatic transformation in their life and work both inside and outside of the classroom during his or her time at Harvard-Westlake.


David Justin Rascoff ’91 Award –– Cameron Herring ’21 

Given in memory of David Jusin Rascoff ’91 to a member of the senior class who has always spoken their opinions in their daily life.


Blanche Nelson Boyle Award –– Cleo Maloney ’21 

Given in memory of Blanche Nelson Boyle to the student who has given the greatest service to other students 


Humanitas Award –– Taylor Dees ’21 

Honors a senior who has demonstrated service to the school, friendliness, consideration for others and loyalty to the community.


Senior Academic Awards

Computer Science –– Lucas Seklir ’21 


Ducommun Award (Mathematics) –– Katarina Cheng ’21 


English –– Nicole Austen ’21 and Felicity Phelan ’21 


World Language –– Katherine Kihiczak ’21 


History/Social Studies –– Allegra Saltzman ’21 


Interdisciplinary Studies/Independent Research –– Cameron Herring ’21 


Performing Arts –– Alon Moradi ’21 


Chronicle Award –– Editor-in-chief Hannah Han ’21 and Editor-in-chief Ethan Lachman ’21


Vox Populi Award –– Haley Rothbart ’21 and Kacey Kim  ’21 


Speech and Debate –– Andrew Gong ’21 and Samantha McLoughlin ’21 


Sandifer Creative Writing Award –– Editor-in-chief Hannah Han ’21 and Dottie Shayegan ’21 


Science –– Athalia Meron ’21 


Visual Arts –– Chiemeka Offor ’21 


William L. David Award (Economics) –– Eli Nickoll ’21 


Faculty Awards

Rascoff ’91 Faculty Award –– Jeff Crelling, Margot Riemer and Zanaida Robles 

Created in honor of David Justin Rascoff ‘91, this award funds summer sabbaticals for faculty members which the recipients can decide how to use.


Senior Athletic Awards

Lee Carlson Award for Athletics –– Kanoa Young ’21 and Kiki Iriafen ’21 

Awarded to two members of the senior class who demonstrate excellence and dedication in athletics.


Schumacher Award –– Natalia Quintero ’21

Given to the most outstanding three sport athlete in a senior class 


Athletics Director Award –– Digital Managing Editor Kyle Reims ’21 

Given to a senior for their non-athletic service to the athletic department