Prefect Council organizes taco truck


Chloe Park/Chronicle

Students grab items from the Pink Taquiza food truck organized by Prefect Council.

Chloe Park

Prefect Council brought a food truck from Pink Taquiza to campus for this month’s Food Truck on March 25. Pink Taquiza served chicken and beef tacos with a variety of toppings during lunch and conference time. Students were able to purchase three tacos for $11, and the taco-making station was set up at the top of the Quad.

Junior Prefect Aiko Offner ’23 said the food truck was successful, especially because Prefect Council was able to organize the lines of students more effectively.

“I think [the food truck] was a success,” Offner said. “The vendor was amazing, and we were able to manage the lines a lot better than in the past.”

Senior Prefect Jack Coleman ’22 said although the turnout wasn’t as high as expected, he thinks students still enjoyed the food truck.

“Everyone I talked to really enjoyed [the tacos], but we were a little under our goal,” Coleman said. “A lot of people were absent from school today, so that definitely impacted our numbers. But, all in all, I think the food truck was great and I would certainly consider it a success.”

Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado said he was able to help Prefect Council organize this Food Truck Friday due to his previous positive experiences working with Pink Taquiza for other fundraising events.

“The vendor was happy we were able to book them again,” Preciado said. “They were great. They offered beef, chicken and even veggie options, which we didn’t even know were offered. As far as sales, I believe it went well. It seems though that lots of students were not on campus on the day before break, so that affected sales a bit, but I saw some students come back for more, which was a good sign.”

Kayley Kearnaghan ’24 said she appreciates Food Truck Fridays because they give students the opportunity to try a variety of foods.

“I think the food trucks are a really great way for us to enjoy different types of food,” Kearnaghan said. “Though the food truck was crowded, it was a delicious treat before spring break.”