Monday bake sale to benefit children’s group

Eugenia Ko

Megan Kaplan ’15 will host a bake sale Monday to raise money for the organization Friendship Circle. The baked goods will be provided by members of the Bake a Difference club and will be sold during break. 

The Friendship Circle is an organization that assigns volunteers to children with special needs. The volunteers spend time with their “buddies” throughout the year. Kaplan visits her child once a week in her home for an hour.

“No one else from our school that I know of is involved with it currently,” she said. “I am hoping that the bake sale will get people interested in it.”

Kaplan is hosting the bake sale with the help of Bake a Difference, a club started by Lili Cohen ’15 to provide goods for bake sales hosted by Harvard-Westlake students. 

The bake sale will last throughout break and goods can be purchased with cash.

“I hope that we can raise money so that Friendship Circle will be able to continue putting on their great events,” Kaplan said. “The events are really important in building the Friendship Circle community.”