School hosts annual Justin Carr swim meet

Jackie Greenberg

Harvard-Westlake hosted the second annual Justin Carr Wants World Peace swim meet to raise awareness for life-threatening heart conditions on Friday.

Student Athlete Fitness Evaluation, a nonprofit organization which formed following the death of former student Justin Carr ’14, offered both echocardiograms and EKG’s for attendees aged 12-24.

“Students can get their heart screened to determine if they for undiagnosed heart condition- something we wished we had known to do for Justin,” Susan Carr said.

Beyond helping to diagnose heart conditions, Susan Carr said that the event allows her and her husband to honor Carr and reflect upon his life.

“Our favorite part is seeing the whole stadium full of people and swimmers from HW and the competing schools rise and stand in honor together as the audio of Justin singing the National Anthem blasts through the speakers,” Susan Carr said. “I have been told that Justin’s voice can be heard throughout the campus and all the way past Coldwater Canyon Boulevard.”