Admission opens online enrollment

Chronicle Staff

Student enrollment for the coming school year is now available online as opposed to by mail. This option includes making advance tuition payments and viewing welcome-back letters from the Board Chair and Heads of School online.

Although the process still requires the same documents to be read and signed, the option of doing it all online allows for more flexibility depending on what is easiest for different families. For those who would still like to have everything sent in the mail, they can call the school to request the paperwork. Families may also print the paperwork out and then send the forms and payment through the mail.

In order for online payment to be possible, the website will be using ACH, Automated Clearing House. ACH is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States.

When families use a credit card to pay tuition, two percent goes to the credit card company, adding about $500 to the original cost of tuition. But when using a credit card for all online payments, the fee is almost nothing said Rob Levin, Chief Financial Officer at Harvard-Westlake and also one of the people in charge of the new program.