The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

Letting youth lead

Amelie Zilber March 1, 2019

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Parkland. The locations of great American tragedies; the locations of the sorrowed and the grieving, where so many hearts met their undeserved fates. A mere...

Photo Illustration by Jenny Li

#The Struggle is Real: the West and the White Savior Complex

Jenny Li February 27, 2018

Superhero movies are always the same. Powerless, struggling characters are in trouble and only the superhero has the ability to save them. The protagonist defeats the villain, saves the helpless characters...

GLI Club fundraiser raises rape awareness

Marcella Park May 29, 2013

The Girls Learn International club posted flyers and held a bake sale May 24, promoting awareness about rape culture and raising $855. The money from the bake sale will pay for tuition, uniforms, supplies...

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