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Imitation or Illness?

Sarah Mittleman March 1, 2021

From Hogwarts houses to Meyers-Briggs to Zodiac signs, personality tests have a universal appeal time and time again. It’s human—specifically, teenage—nature for us to enjoy categorizing ourselves,...

Talk It Out

Talk It Out

Zoe Redlich October 2, 2019

Students have began to proactively start conversations about mental health awareness. As Britney* found herself in yet another lunchtime conversation with a peer about anxiety, she wracked her brain for...

Smashing the Stigma

Smashing the Stigma

Chronicle Staff March 3, 2019

A few weeks ago, in a display of immense courage and vulnerability, a senior stepped forward at an all-school assembly to share her history with depression and discuss the stigma surrounding mental health...

Illustration by Samantha Ko

Mind the Gap: Students Discuss the Stigma Around Taking a Gap Year

Kitty Luo April 29, 2017

After a summer of interning at Otium, a restaurant in Downtown L.A., Oliver Friedman ‘17 fell in love with cooking and working in the hospitality industry. He realized that he wanted to learn more about...

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