School reviews claims of cheating

The Honor Board Review Committee is considering whether to bring any students before the Honor Board after a cheat sheet was discovered at the end of the last Geology midyear assessment in December. All Geology and Geology Honors students had to retake a section of that exam Jan. 6 and 7. Geology teacher Wendy Van […]

Not So Free

Blake* ’16 spent his summer between ninth and 10th grade like many other students: working at a summer job. However, the money he earned for each scoop of ice cream he served went to paying a debt to his parents, one he owed after spending about $1,000 of their money in three months on the […]

NewSpace expert discusses new industry

The CEO and co-founder of NewSpace Global Dick “Rocket” David, discussed the new and growing industry of NewSpace and its role in the future during break Nov. 10. NewSpace Global is an information provider analyzing the market of the “NewSpace” industry. Essentially, NewSpace is the more than 800 private companies that use outer space to […]

A "Foodie Fiasco"

Kelly Morrison ’16 has managed to profit from the gluten-free trend with her food blog, Morrison went vegetarian in 2011 for moral reasons and also started her blog that year. Quickly, however, she got a lot of demand not just for healthy vegetarian food, but also for paleo, vegan and of course, gluten-free recipes. […]

Goodbye Gluten

Actress Jennifer Lawrence calls it “the new cool eating disorder, the ‘basically I just don’t eat carbs.’” Yet, many students at Harvard-Westlake and across the country still eat gluten-free and say they feel much better because of it. “Some people think it’s a fad, like Jennifer Lawrence,” said Tess Kemper ’15, who has been gluten-free […]

Producer tells La Femme club to accept challenges and move forward

Ellie Wen ’05 told La Femme club members at their meeting Nov. 17 to accept their challenges and to move on. The Alumni Office recommended Wen to speak to students about optimism, the fifth goal in the La Femme club’s 11-goal system. One alumna is invited to speak each month. “I don’t have any regrets. […]