Going down in history: history department adds two new classes

The History Department brought back the Advanced Placement World History class after it was omitted from last year’s curriculum and added an additional AP Human Geography course. History teacher David Waterhouse said the history teachers did not want to remove AP World History in the first place, but they could not find someone to teach […]

Checking into reality

Checking into reality

As first semester comes to a close, seniors are all looking forward to the freedom that comes with second semester. Although many people see second semester as a time to check out and ignore responsibilities, we believe it’s a time to discover new priorities and check into what matters the most: reality. As the administration […]

666 missed classes marks year record

More students missed classes because of illness during the week of Nov. 3 than any week so far this school year. The absences began on Tuesday when many students either came in late or left early, Head of Attendance Gabriel Preciado said. For the rest of the week, many of the students just stayed home. […]

Pressure for Rigor

In all of the college information sessions and discussions about college, Riya Garg ’15 finds one constant theme: The number of Advanced Placement classes and rigor of a schedule is always a main focus. As a senior, Garg admits she feels a pressure to take as many AP and honors classes as possible. “I feel […]

Students browse class options at Academic Fair

Prefect Council hosted Academic Fair during break Monday to allow sophomores and juniors to learn more about classes offered next year. The event featured a table on the quad for every class, ranging from Physics to Cinema Studies to AP English Literature to Web Programming. Booths at the fair featured teachers and students who have […]

Who is the Kutler Center for?

I would take Mythology and Its Meaning: Gods and Goddesses; Heroes and Heroines in a heartbeat. The same goes for Surrealism in Poetry, Painting and Film. Of course, there’s one insurmountable barrier separating me from these classes: they’re two of the four new Kutler Center courses approved for next year, and I’m graduating in June. […]