1-1 plan to begin this fall

The “One-to-One” initiative, which aims to enable every student at the Middle School to have their own computing device, is on course to be implemented in fall of 2013, Director of Studies Liz Resnick said. Though the specifics of the initiative, such as the types of devices and mode of implementation, have not yet been […]

Teachers to post syllabi on the Hub

By Jessica Lee Canvas, dubbed ‘The Hub’ by the Educational Technology Committee, will replace Moodle and course materials on the school and departmental websites this year. Students can visit The Hub at hub.hw.com or via the Harvard-Westlake website. With The Hub, teachers will be able to reduce the administrative workload in their courses and students […]

Departments to start reviewing operations

  By Hana Al-Henaid A cross-campus initiative for departmental evaluation called Renew and Review has been implemented this year according to Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts. Renew and Review, also referred to as Departmental Review, “takes the concept behind the whole-school accreditation and applies it to a department,” Director of Studies Deborah Dowling said. For […]

Surveys monitor amount of homework

  By Anna Etra Every year, at the end of each quarter, a form is distributed to every student in grades nine through twelve in every course. The form is 8.5 inches by 3 inches, with one line running across the top: “On average, how many hours per week do you spend on homework?” Under […]

Striking College Board compromises

By Dana Glaser Tacked up in the senior art studio, alongside posters for Rhode Island School of Design summer art school and newspaper clippings of recent exhibitions is a poster with the words “AP Studio Art: Drawing and Painting” plastered across its front. The poster exhibits several examples of what the College Board has deemed […]

Middle school houses play chef

By Jordan McSpadden Sixteen teachers competed in the first-ever Harvard-Westlake Iron Chef competition Monday at the Middle School, with the ferret house coming in first place. The teachers-only competition was sponsored by middle school Dean of Faculty Susan Kallok. The four judges were Vice President John Amato, Director of Studies Deborah Dowling, Assistant Plant Manager […]

Junior moves through process to start Arabic language class

By Derek Schlom Michael Diamant ’09’s quest for a Hebrew class started as a joke. After being invited to a Facebook group called “Arabic at Harvard-Westlake,” created by Kate Liebman ’09 to gauge student interest in an Arabic program, Diamant invited a few close friends to join a group called “Hebrew at Harvard-Westlake” as a […]

Teachers reacredit APs with College Board

By Adam Sieff AP teachers will attend a meeting this afternoon to reaccredit their courses with the College Board and receive registration materials for its inaugural “national audit,” Director of Studies Deborah Dowling said. For its audit, the College Board is requiring that all AP teachers send a syllabus and all course materials to verify […]

Seniors-only seminars may fill post-AP spring

 By Jonathan Lerner Seminar-style classes may be organized for seniors after AP exams are finished, between May 21 and 25, Director of Studies Dr. Deborah Dowling said. “We used to have them many years ago,” Dowling said. “Mr. Werner’s Auto Mechanics seminar is still the stuff of legend. All that was lacking was someone to […]

Senior seminars would keep us tied to school

By Lauren Rose I have a confession. You probably won’t believe me, and if you do, you may not want to talk to me anymore. But here it is: some small part of me doesn’t want APs to end. Some small part of me is worried about those last few weeks of the year, those […]