Football defeats St. Anthony High School on senior night

Charlie Seymour

The football team continued its undefeated streak to further its 4-0 record in a 24-0 victory over St. Anthony High School Saturday. 

Although the team’s season was postponed from its usual fall spot, the players continued to safely practice and weight lift for the majority of COVID-19. Lineman Kai Faucher ’23 thinks the dedication of the players to continue practicing has helped them find such early success in their season. 

“The off-season was long, but everyone was ready to get after it when our time came,” Faucher said. “Time is never wasted during practice, and week to week, our want to win has been there. So far, we’ve been able to capitalize off of all that hard work.”

In addition to the victory, the team also celebrated its senior players in the annual Senior Night ceremony before the team’s last home game. Senior Julian Kay ’21, who has been a part of the football program since coming to the school in seventh grade, values the night for its celebration of the seniors’ experiences together on the team.

“[The field is our] home, it’s been my home for the past six years,” Kay said. “For all of us, it was our last game at home together and I think that just made us all play harder for each other. We want to leave a legacy at this school. After having played my four years of football, and going through all the highs and lows of this program, I don’t think a group of dudes could be closer.”

Coming off a four-game win streak after victories over St. Genevieve High School 20-19, Salesian High School 48-29 and El Camino Real Charter High School 52-7, the team looks for further success in its upcoming game against La Salle High School on April 9.