Choirs perform at Angel Stadium


Printed with permission of Zanaida Robles

Members of Chamber Singers, Bel Canto, Wolverine Chorus and Jazz Singers prepare to sing the National Anthem alongside other school choirs at Angel Stadium.

Davis Marks

Choral students performed at a baseball game at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on Friday. Members of Chamber Singers, Bel Canto, Wolverine Chorus and Jazz Singers joined other local schools’ choirs to perform the National Anthem before the game.

Choral Director Zanaida Robles said she feels that performing at a sporting event allowed students to understand the similar skills and dedication that go into both athleticism and performing arts.

“I always tell my students that singers are athletes, and athletes are artists,” Robles said. “Athletes at the top of their field using their skills and training, working together toward a common goal: this aligns well with concepts of team-building, athleticism and performance excellence I teach on a daily basis.”

Chamber Singers President Shanti Hinkin ’22 said she appreciated the opportunity to perform with members of the school’s choral program as well as students from other schools.

“The game was really fun,” Hinkin said. “I’ve never been to an in-person baseball game, and getting to stand on the field with hundreds of other high school choir kids was super cool. [It was] unlike any other choir concert I’ve done before but very unique and enjoyable and a lovely last opportunity to sing with the Chamber Singers.”

Following their performance, students were allowed to leave or stay to watch the game between Major League Baseball teams the Los Angeles Angels and Washington Nationals.

Chamber Singer Isaac Tiu ’24 said he enjoyed spending time with members of the choral program and felt it was a fun way to end the year.

“I’m so glad the choral arts community had the opportunity to bond through such a fun shared experience, including the bus rides, performing and getting to watch the game together,” Tiu said. “It was a perfect way to end the year together as a community.”

Robles said getting to perform in front of major league baseball players and an entire stadium of fans was a notable experience for students.

“How cool it [was] to sing right on that massive and beautiful field, close to baseball legends like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, with thousands of fans cheering you on,” Robles said. “It was an incredibly memorable team-building experience.”