Dance students perform in outdoor showcase


Chloe Park/Chronicle

Dance students perform in an outdoor showcase during Multicultural Fair.

Chloe Park and Grant Park

Advanced Dance I: Choreography students performed in an immersive dance showcase in the outdoor hallway between Mudd Library and Seaver during the school’s Multicultural Fair on May 5.

Director of Dance Queala Clancy said she thought the performance went well given that students had never performed in a site-specific showcase such as this before.

“From what I understand, it was the first time performers used the campus as a base for creation,” Clancy said. “ I thought the showing went well, especially given that the students were extremely nervous and unfamiliar with dancing in a public space and in a specific way. It was tough, but we persevered. The dances were created to reflect the life and culture at [the school] and also served as a physical response to the literal space.”

Clancy said the class’s process started with a discussion about site-specific works, visiting the area, researching the area and exploring how to generate material for the space.

Dancer Konnie Duan ’23 said she appreciated the opportunity to learn about new forms of dance and enjoyed performing.

“I really enjoyed showcasing the pieces we have been working on during class,” Duan said. “Although dancing for a crowd in an outdoor setting is new to me, I am glad I took on this challenge and enjoyed learning more about site-specific choreography.”

Dancer Kaitlin Lazenby ’24 also said she enjoyed dancing in this unique environment.

“I had a great time dancing in a space where I wasn’t really used to performing,” Lazenby said. “I thought it was super cool to get outside my comfort zone and do something new.”