And the Award Goes to: “RRR”

Kate Goldberg

RRR, which follows the friendship that develops between two revolutionaries during their fight against British colonialism in India , has a maximalist and over-the-top style that is unique and stunning. The film from India holds the record for being the country’s most expensive of all time, and it is worthy of every single dollar. RRR is over three hours long, so it would be logical to expect a slow-paced movie or at least one that drags for a while in the middle. But no: RRR stays constantly exciting and surprising, leaving you wondering what insane action scene, musical number, or tearful confession will be thrown in next. Each individual shot and story beat manages to provoke different emotions, cementing it as one of the most intriguing and “edge of your seat” movies of the year. It has some of the best and most creative action I’ve ever seen, but it still manages to have an incredibly moving and heartfelt story at its core. It tells a tale of brotherhood, betrayal, love and revolution. Its story is only complimented by the whimsical and bizarre sequences throughout. For any fan of action movies or just fun and exciting movies in general, I cannot recommend RRR enough.

RRR received only a single Oscar nomination in the best original song category for for its song “Naatu Naatu”. The song is great and so much fun, but it’s not nearly the only notable part of the film. I can’t think of a single award that it’s eligible for that it doesn’t deserve a nomination for (if not a win). Visual effects? Amazing. Hair, makeup, and costumes? Spectacular. The leading performances? S. S. Rajamouli’s direction? The cinematography? Nearly every single aspect of the film is phenomenal. RRR was passed over for all of these awards, but the most shocking thing it was snubbed for was the best “International Feature Film” nomination. I cannot possibly hype up the movie enough or even begin to list out every part of it that I love because there are just too many. Go see it; it’s on Netflix right now and RRReally worth checking out.