Actors perform one-act play


STAGE FRIGHT: Actors perform “The Exceptional Childhood Center” by Dylan Schifrin ’16 at the Blank Theater in Santa Monica. Schifrin was chosen as a 2016 YoungArts winner for his play. He was one of the 819 winners chosen out of a pool of 12,000 applicants. The play was also performed at the Playwrights festival. Printed with permission of Anne McGrath

Josie Abugov

Youth Plays published the one-act play “The Exceptional Childhood Center” by Dylan Schifrin ’16. After the Harvard-Westlake Playwrights Festival chose his work last year, the Los Angeles Blank Theatre selected it to be performed professionally.
“The Exceptional Childhood Center” details the fictional lives of students enrolled in an elite preschool.
“I didn’t know this at the time, but there was a representative of Youth Plays, the publishing company, that was in the audience of the Blank Theatre show. They contacted me, and they wanted my permission for it to be published,” Schifrin said.
Youth Plays released his work in August, which can be purchased for print from their website.
Schifrin was also recognized as a 2016 YoungArts Winner. Selected from 12,000 applications across the country, the 819 winners are awarded cash prizes up to $10,000.
“I never would have guessed that my one little play would ever go so far,” Schifrin said. “It’s extremely encouraging for me as a writer to continue to do what I love.”