Club invites speaker to second annual series

Noa Schwartz

The Society of Global Affairs will host its second annual speaker series March 20. The series will explore the future of cutting-edge technology in the business and entrepreneurial world.

The series will be structured similarly to that of a “TED Talks” series, with business professionals giving lectures to students.

The series will also build on the Society’s previous series, which specialized in how to transform student’s ideas into a reality.

“After last year, which was good for anyone that had a vision they might want to expand on in the future, we wanted to do something that people who came last year could build on, but would still be interesting and helpful for anyone else,” club member Simone Woronoff ’16 said. “Last year we had a ton of people who had started companies come, and this year is more people that are advancing their companies technologically.”

The event will feature experts in science and technology fields such as stem cells, animation, psychology and the effect of video games on young children.

“We chose our speakers based off of who we thought people would find interesting, and who has been the most distinguished for furthering technology at their respective companies,” Woronoff said.

Speakers will include Head of Walt Disney Animation Andrew Millstein and Microsoft Head of Genomic Research David Heckerman.

“This series will be beneficial to anyone interested in how technology is changing, especially because it’s been so relevant lately, and we’re hoping it’ll be an interesting experience for anyone that comes,” Woronoff said.