Nicole Kim’18 attended Basel School of Design


Students at the Basel School of Design listen to a presentation. Printed with permission of Nicole Kim ’18

Kaitlin Musante

To explore her passion for graphic design, Chronicle Presentation Editor Nicole Kim ’18 traveled to Basel, Switzerland for a week-long workshop on international typographic style.

Kim attended the course “Words, Images and Signs” at the Basel School of Design through the HWGo! Junior Summer Fellowship.

The course combined philosophical discussion about design and semiotics with hands-on learning. Kim was the youngest of the 12 participants and said she felt the professional environment allowed her to discover new aspects of graphic design, such as considering the needs of the consumer.

Kim said that she was inspired to apply for the fellowship after realizing that she wanted a more structured education on graphic design.

After finishing the course, she spent another week in Basel exploring art museums and attending Art Basel, an international art show that draws art enthusiasts from across the globe.

Kim said that she is grateful for the opportunity to learn about the business of graphic design.
“I felt like the program was a good opportunity to invest in one of my interests,” Kim said. “I am not sure if I would have been able to study graphic design if it weren’t for the program.”