Chenier to depart US, move to MS campus

Zoe Redlich

After 11 years on the upper school campus, English teacher Paul Chenier will be returning to the middle school history department next year.

When Chenier originally began working at the school in 1999, he taught courses in the history and world languages department on the middle school campus.

However, since 2007, Chenier has been teaching at the Upper School.

When he first arrived, Chenier taught Latin but started teaching English in 2014.

“He is really considerate of how we’re feeling and is always super nice whether it be during class or outside,” Ashtin Wang ’20 said.

Although it has not yet been officially decided by the department, Chenier expects to teach eighth and ninth graders.

“I adore the ninth grade history course,” Chenier said. “It’s a real favorite with me. I also look forward to working alongside friends and sharing what I know about antiquity and beyond with kids.”

According to Chenier, although it is only a transition between the two different campuses, there are many things he will miss.

“I’ll miss the kindness and support of friends and colleagues and the inspiring conversations with students, which I hope to continue on the middle school campus,” Chenier said. “I don’t think I’ll miss all the stairs, though.”