Wilairat to serve as new World Languages Head

Tammer Bagdasarian

Latin teacher Derek Wilairat will replace French teacher Jerome Hermeline as the World Languages Department Head starting next school year.

Over his 13-year career at the school, Wilairat has taught Latin II, Advanced Placement Latin, Latin Literature Honors and Directed Study: Latin.

Wilairat said his experience will help bring a comprehensive perspective to the position.

“I know the department very well because I’ve been here so long,” Wilairat said. “I have an awareness of various constituencies of the school, and how different people have different priorities in the department. I think my time at the school will help me make balanced decisions.”

Hermeline will step down from his position as Department Head at the end of the year in anticipation of his departure from the school to teach in New York.

In his three-years as Department Head, Hermeline worked to bring the language curriculum closer to the international standard, he said.

“I hope [Wilairat] continues to build on what we have accomplished over the last few years with the curriculum,” Hermeline said. “It will be a big change in the future with the new school schedule, and he will have to help the department through that transition.”

Wilairat said he understands the responsibility he will take on next year as Department Head, but is nonetheless excited to work to improve the department.

“I’m looking forward to new challenges and to experience a different aspect of the school,” Wilairat said. “I am excited to see how this department runs from a new perspective and help guide it in the future.”

Students said they are confident in Wilairat’s skills.

“[Wilairat] is an incredible teacher, a Latin wizard and a deeply kind and humble person,” Ben Beckman ’19 said. “He will be an excellent department head next year and I’m sad that I won’t be here next year to witness it.”