Photography students explore Big Rock Beach during field trip

Ava Fattahi

Photography students visited Big Rock Beach in Malibu for a field trip Nov. 15. The trip was an opportunity for students to take photos and videos using advanced equipment in an unordinary shooting location. 21 students left school during eighth period and were in Malibu until 8 p.m. . The trip provided a variety of creative opportunities for students, including shooting on 35 millimeter film cameras and Nikon digital cameras.

“The trip was an excellent opportunity for students to explore and learn new photography techniques, many of which involve new equipment and methods which they have not yet covered in class.” visual arts teacher Alexandra Pacheco-Garcia said.

Beginner photography students take pictures and videos 

The group of students on the trip mostly consisted of sophomores, some of which are participating in their first year of photography during this school year.

Photography I student Colin Yuan ’22 went on the trip and edited a video montage with clips shot on the trip, which he posted on his Instagram.

“I loved photographing with my classmates in Photo I; it was both a great bonding and learning experience,” Yuan said. “We shot portraits, gorgeous landscapes of the beach, and shot videos. I created a time-lapse video of the striking sunset that day, plus countless photos. Each of us shared our camera knowledge and by the end of the day, I think we all learned something new.”

Photography department plans more field trips

Students were able to collaborate with peers, take portraits of one another and use camera gear which they had not yet used in class. This was the first of many photography trips during the school year. The next trip will be at The Broad museum Downtown in December.