Korean exchange students visit campus

Tanisha Gunby

Two exchange students from Ewha Girls’ High School in South Korea visited the school and attended classes Friday to experience daily life in the United States.

Because the exchange students both plan to pursue higher education in South Korea, Photography Editor Caitlin Chung ’20 and her family organized the students’ trip to California for a week with the help of the Ewha Girls’ High School’s Alumni Association, Chung said. Chung said the exchange students hope to expand their perspectives and experience the differences between America and South Korea, a primarily a homogeneous society. 

Exchange student reflects on experience in the United States

Exchange student Yeon Seo Ryu, who has never been to America before, said that she enjoyed visiting the middle and upper school campuses, and is most excited to go to Universal Studios.

The school systems in Korea and the United States are different since students seem less stressed to go to university in the United States than in South Korea, Ryu said. She said that the atmosphere at the school is more carefree compared to the formal atmosphere at her school in South Korea.

Chung speaks about exchange student program

Chung said she loves hosting exchange students when they come to the school. Last year, she hosted an exchange student from China.

“I was really excited to hear that these two kids are coming from Korea especially because I went to school in Korea and I was born there,” Chung said. “It has made the experience a little more special like we are really connected and experienced similar things. I was really excited to show them the other half of my life that I lived in the States and just to share my experience with them.”