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Ben Pimstone, who plays Javert, poses as the first act of

Fire alarm interrupts Les Miserables performance

Anthony Weinraub November 3, 2016

Attendees of the fall musical "Les Miserables" were required to evacuate Rugby Theater Thursday evening after the fire alarm was set off. The alarm was triggered during the song "Do You Hear the People...

Chemistry class sets off fire alarm

Sophie Haber November 2, 2016

A sophomore in Chemistry prompted a fire alarm seventh period due to a mistake in a lab. In an experiment testing the melting points of various chemicals, the student left chemicals on a Bunsen burner...

The audience at the Saturday night playwrights festival evacuated twice after the fire alarm was pulled.
Credit: Sammi Handler/Chronicle

Three fire alarms interrupt Playwrights Festival

Jesse Nadel April 30, 2016

Performers and audience members attending the Playwrights Festival were required to evacuate Rugby Theater twice Saturday night after someone allegedly pulled the fire alarm three separate times, Playwrights...

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