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Illustration Credit: Sydney Fener

The Mittle-man on Campus: High School How-Tos

Sarah Mittleman May 7, 2021

'The Mittle-man on Campus’ is a satirical column centered around high school clichés and the teenage experience that will appear in The Chronicle once every two weeks. None of the articles in this column...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 8

Indu Pandey May 30, 2018

Former Chronicle News Associate gives her take on current pop culture and politics in a recurring satire column. In this issue, she shares the  supplementary college essay she sumbitted to Harvard...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 7

Indu Pandey May 2, 2018

Comey launches campaign for Trump Administration Anonymous   Former FBI Director James Comey began his book tour earlier this week to promote his new organization, Trump Administration Anonymous...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 6

Indu Pandey March 21, 2018

Administration announces 2nd and 4th Wednesday Assemblies   After the resounding success of 1st and 3rd Wednesday Assembly, the administration announced its new 2nd and 4th Wednesday Assembly. “It’s...

Photo Illustration by Sam Ko

J’aime, La Croix

Indu Pandey February 27, 2018

They say French is the language of love. Something about Casablanca, the Eiffel Tower and baguettes just ooze romance. I never understood the connection that so many wax poetic about. That was, of course,...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 5

Indu Pandey February 22, 2018

The Chronicle made headlines after releasing an article titled, “Student eats lunch.” “Well, I guess since we’re the only paper, we made our own headlines,” Chronicle Editor-in-chief Danielle...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 4

Indu Pandey January 23, 2018

Trump, Bannon engage in gentleman’s duel President Trump challenged former Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon to a gentleman’s duel in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday. “Steve hurt my feelings!”...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 3

Indu Pandey December 1, 2017

Jared Kushner fails to disclose his cards to Xi Jinping in game of Go Fish — Jared Kushner fails to disclose his cards in a tense game of Go Fish with Chinese President Xi Jinping, almost causing a...

The Indu-sputed truth: Part 2

Indu Pandey December 1, 2017

Russia hacks The Chronicle, releases 50-minute conservative rant — Russia hacked The Chronicle and released a 50-minute conservative rant as part of its scheme to topple the school’s leadership Sept....

The Indu-sputed truth

Indu Pandey August 30, 2017

Pseudo-intellectual whines until Fake News Media gives her socially acceptable way to bully people. -- Failing liberal media gives Indu Pandey a satire column to attract viewers. Sad! Panda will pretend...

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