The Official Chronicle Curriculum Guide 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s like the first one, but worse!

Georgia Goldberg

Alright you asked for it, so here it is (for the second time): the Official Chronicle Curriculum guide. But I know a lot of you are sitting there saying, “Georgia, didn’t you do this very same article last year?” And to that I’ll say, shut up, nobody cares. But now, you’re saying, “Georgia, you didn’t take all of these classes, how could you possibly know what you’re talking about?” And to that I’ll say: wasn’t America, our great nation, founded on ill-informed opinions? And also, shut up, nobody cares.


English II: Read classic literature like the Sparknotes Frankenstein Summary & Analysis.

Honors Junior Seminar: You definitely don’t have a highly unhealthy emotional attachment to your English teacher.

Fanfiction Writing: The school finally gave in to the Harry Potter club’s relentless demands and created this class.

History and Social Studies

The Rise of the Modern World: The question is: how will your teacher find a way to justify imperialism?

Honors US History: You’ll absolutely love this class — but only if your teacher is Tate Sheehy’s dad.

Honors US Government and Politics: Don your best suit on and ready yourself for the ultimate fight: The Woke Left versus The Fiscal Conservatives, Social Liberals! Tickets cost three hours of homework.

Corequisite: an active Twitter account.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Ethics of Social Media: Yes, this is a real class at our school. I’m guessing it’s a front for money laundering. What else could explain it?

Modern Journalism: Advanced Gossip and Cult Studies

Corequisite: hating yourself and loving endless work

Cinema Studies I: Introduction to Napping.

Prerequisite: Quiet snoring.

Cinema Studies II: More movies directed by pedophiles than women.

Ladders: This class is all about ladders.

Honors Topics in Computer Science: Single-handedly caused the Silicon Valley Bank failure.

Catalyzing Change: Entrepreneurial Thinking: Venture’s latest futile attempt at making a successful class.


Calculus AB: Learn how to derive joy from your life.

Multivariable Calculus: Ultimate Frisbee and Nonsensical Equations

Corequisite: a Harvard (or ED2 UChicago) acceptance letter

Performing Arts

Dance: Basically identical to Kate Hudson’s NYADA dance class.

Musical Theater: Awww cute, you think you can get a lead in the musical just by taking this?

Prerequisite: Understanding the Kate Hudson joke


Chemistry: It might be hard for you, but everyone else thinks it’s easy.

Honors Molecular and Cellular Biology: The only thing scarier than Mr. Axelrod’s wolf howl ringtone will be your grade in the class.

Honors Physics II: I’m sure you appreciate Dr. V’s “teaching” style.

AP Physics C: Start canceling all your plans now. You already have a quiz to study for.