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Robotics teacher Andrew Theiss, Erik Anderson ’20, Page Clancy ’ 22 and Dean Reiter ’20 pose in front of the SpaceX rocket with their new SpaceX logo cups in hand. Credit: Printed with permission of Andrew Theiss

Robotics students visit SpaceX Center

Tessa Augsberger October 31, 2019

Robotics team members, Erik Anderson ’20, Page Clancy ’22 and Dean Reiter ’20 toured the SpaceX production facility with computer science teacher and Robotics Coach Andrew Theiss on Oct. 29. During...

Spaced out: CS girls visit SpaceX facility

Zoe Redlich March 22, 2018

Female computer science students from both the upper and middle school campuses visited SpaceX on March 16. Programming and math teacher Jessica Kaufman chaperoned the 20 girls who attended the trip. The...

Rocket launched with student experiment onboard

Sofia Heller February 23, 2017

SpaceX launched a rocket Feb. 19 containing an experiment in paper chromatography that Samuel Buckley-Bonanno ’19 designed. The experiment tests the effect that gravity has on chromatography and how...

20 students, faculty to hear Tesla CEO speak

Lizzy Thomas November 14, 2013

A group of 20 students and teachers will have the opportunity to hear billionaire business magnate Elon Musk speak Monday, Nov. 18. The SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO and PayPal co-founder is slated to...

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