Library now loans laptops to students

An update to the laptop program will allow students to take and use the borrowed devices outside of the library and to their classes due to the One-to-One program necessitating the use of laptops for every class. Library loaners can be used when a student cannot bring his or hers for several days, but they […]

Information Tech doubles bandwidth

The Computer Service department changed its name to Information Technology. “Mostly because Computer Services for many years now has not really been accurate as we work with a lot more [aspects of] technology than just computers,” Director of Information Technology Dave Ruben said of the name change. “It’s a very old name so we thought […]

Annual Giving reaches a record $7.7 million

Parents, alumni, faculty and staff donated a record of $7.7 million to Annual Giving last year, the most for an independent day school in the country, according to Head of External Relations Ed Hu. Faculty and staff had 100 percent participation. Ninety-three percent of parents participated, along with 22 percent of alumni.  

Alumni go to 'Friday Night Lights' event

Alumni living in the Los Angeles area supported the Wolverines against rival Loyola Cubs at the football game last Friday after a dinner and a reception in the Feldman Horn gallery as part of the “Friday Night Lights” event. “We have done this in the past, and our goal is to engage and reconnect with […]

Grass replaces trailers, history offices renovated

Two trailers outside Rugby Hall were removed during the summer because of “a desire to return green space to the general community,” Vice President John Amato said. Teachers and students used the trailers as classrooms during the library renovations four years ago, and they remained in place after the construction was completed in 2012. The […]

Wang Hall opens, classrooms converted

The new Wang Hall is open at the Middle School after a year of renovations. Wang Hall, previously Reynolds Hall, has a new eighth grade lounge. In years before the renovation, eighth grade students spent their free time in the hallways by classrooms or in their deans’ offices. The teachers and deans found this arrangement […]

Senior self-publishes fantasy novel, 'Code!'

Elizabeth Anne Rao ’16 published her book “Code!” on July 11 using the online publishing site Outskirt Press. Her book is about a group of people who receive superpowers from a mysterious man, claiming to be a therapist that grants wishes. The protagonists later realize that the negative aspects of their new powers outweigh the […]

Junior debaters win top national rankings

Led by two nationally- ranked juniors, the debate team consistently earned top results this year as tournaments increased in difficulty throughout the season. Cameron Cohen ’16 and Nick Steele ’16 consistently placed in the top five juniors at national events. Cohen, who began debating as a seventh grader, finished second in the Harvard Round Robin […]

Students use new app to play campus-wide Assassin game

Gabriel Jenkinson ‘16 was one of the top five competitors in this year’s game of Assassin until his killer snuck past his friends, who were acting as bodyguards, and “shot” him in the back. Although Jenkinson does not have a target of his own anymore, it doesn’t stop him from assisted murder. “Gilbert Anwar ’16 […]

‘Mad Men’ finale has alum link

In the finale of television show “Mad Men,” created by Matt Weiner ‘83, Evan Arnold ’88 played Leonard, who made actor Jon Hamm’s Don Draper cry during a seminar at a retreat. The AMC series first aired in July of 2007 and ran for seven seasons. It aired its finale May 17. “Mad Men” centered […]

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