Second virtual Arthouse showcases students’ visual artwork


Baxter Chelsom '23

A black-and-white photograph taken by Baxter Chelsom ’23 shows a surfer paddling out on his board in an attempt to catch a wave.

Sandra Koretz

The Visual Arts department hosted Arthouse, a Zoom event designated for visual arts students to showcase their artwork to others on Thursday. The exhibit, titled One-derland, highlighted the work of over 200 students in a variety of visual arts programs at the school. 

House by Video Art teacher Reb Limerick, Arthouse is the second virtual visual arts exhibition hosted by the Upper School. Artwork from a variety of Level I  students in Sculpture, Video Art, Ceramics and Drawing, Photography and Painting was presented.

Visual arts teacher and Arthouse attendee Whitney Lasker said that the event was a great bonding experience for students to appreciate each other’s artwork and talents.

“Arthouse is a great place to come together and support each other’s artistic practices,” Lasker said. “Students get to share what they’ve been working on and then get feedback and support from friends and family. An important part of being an artist, and an important muscle to develop, is having the courage to put your work out in the world.”

Students shared works of various medias.

A student’s artwork is showcased during the virtual Arthouse. Printed with permission of Sophia Evans ’23.

Photography student and photography YoungArts finalist Baxter Chelsom ’23 said it is motivating for students to showcase their artwork,  especially during the pandemic.

“It was such a great feeling seeing my work up online along with my fellow talented artists,” Chelsom said. “I was so excited when I found out that we were still doing Arthouse this year. In a time when motivation is lacking for most students, an event like this is a great thing to look forward to.”

Arthouse also featured live performances from students who presented music and performed live poetry readings. Poetry presenter Aiko Offner ’23 said the support Arthouse offered to students was beneficial to presenters.

“It was such an amazing experience to have my art featured in Arthouse, especially because it was such a supportive community,” Offner said. “The support everyone showed makes it a really special experience because of how appreciative everyone is of each other’s art.”

Offner presents her original poem to peers and parents during Arthouse. Printed with permission of Sophia Evans ’23.